Where can I watch the Biathlon World Cup?
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Where can we watch the Biathlon World Cup?

Following the Turin Olympics, my wife and became enthralled with the biathlon. After the Oympics ended, we discovered that the Outdoor Life Network showed the Biathlon World Cup series with American commentators (yes, we were probably the only two Americans who watched).

This winter, OLN no longer exists, having become the Versus Channel (how silly), and no longer seems to carry the biathlon we love. We'd love to find a way to watch (especially with English language commentary). The US Biathlon site seems to say it has the series, but there doesn't seem to be anything there. Any other biathlon fans out there who can help us find a way to watch?
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I think Eurosport have started streaming live coverage over the web. I dunno what the picture quality is like, but they also do live text and audio commentary too.
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