Why do some drug advertisments not include the function of the drug whils others do?
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In the U.S., some televised prescription drug ads tell you exactly what the drug is for. Others only allude cryptically to the drug's function. Still others just show a middle-aged, sweater-clad couple enjoying a sunset on a beach. Or Mike Ditka. Why?
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because it's selling to people who get upset about seeing a breast (with nipple covered) during superbowl.
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If the ad states the drug's benefits, it must also state side effects. If the ad just tells you to visit a website, or alludes cryptically to the drug's function, then no side effects listing is necessary.
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I think it's rather clear at this point that the nipple in question was not, in fact, covered. It had a barbell through it and a sunburst nipple shield thingie around it.
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...so, they'll only tell you the drug's function/benefits if they're comfortable telling you that it may cause baldness, impotence, genital rash, and diarrhea, possibly at the same time.
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sorry. change that to "they're selling to people who think the exact details of the nipple cover during the superbowl are important".
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more from the FDA about TV or "direct to consumer" advertising [which is illegal in Canada] an article that ends with this chestnut

"A drug company won't play fast and loose with the rules because its most important asset is its reputation with the American people."
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'cos Ditka is God?
da bears da bears da bears da bears
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What punishinglemur said. This December Slate article about the Levitra foolball-through-the-tire ad provides some relevant info ... plus a straight-faced denial from a spokesman that the imagery is suggestive.
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The god I believe in isn't short of cash, mister.
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