Clothes shopping in Taipei/Hong Kong: What to get where?
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I am going on a trip next week to Taipei and Hong Kong, and would like leave with an empty suitcase and come back with a full one. Can you help me prepare for what to get where?

I am looking for both off the rack and tailor made, from casual through clubwear to business suits & shirts.

I'll be in Taipei for 7 days and HK for 9 days, which may or may not pose issues for any tailor-made stuff.

First off, I am tall and slim (185cm, 65 kg) -- will I have trouble finding clothes that fit (i.e. jeans length 34"+, long-sleeve shirts)? This question may be obvious for anyone who has been to metropols in Asia, but this is my first trip to the Far East, and I'd like to avoid wearing the same pair of jeans for two weeks for lack of clothing my size..

Second, which city is best (price v. quality v. time) for tailors? this thread suggests some good tailors in HK, but would I be better off getting suits in Taipei? (and which tailor?)

Third, While I realise that I might have to have suits shipped to me as I am not staying long enough, will 3-5 days be sufficient to have all necessary fittings done for suits/shirts?

Last: Where do I go shopping in either city? Everything from good department stores, warehouses to hidden-away (cyborg/futuristic?)-clubwear shops is of interest.
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If you can get a Mainland visa, I'd recommend Shenzhen for very cheap tailor-made clothes. Directly on the border with HK is Luohu commercial city, a 6-story shopping center for knock-off goods, souvenirs and clothes. Levels 5 and 6 have fabric stores and tailors. I got a grey wool suit that I love last year for just about $100 (jacket + pants). You can buy your fabric elsewhere or choose from what they have available there (you'll get good but not great prices on fabric on-site). Then they'll do measurements, you'll pick the design for the suit (you can bring in pictures, go through their catalogue or just describe what you want). It usually takes at least 3-4 days. In HK, you'll get tailors with better English ability, but not necessarily higher quality. You'll also pay significantly more.
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If you're a gadgets fan, go to Guanghua Market in Taipei. Here's a Wikitravel guide to Taipei.

And I would go to a Muji store if I were you -- they've been described as the Japanese Ikea. Their stuff is hard to get in the US (but I'm not sure where you're from.)
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