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Can ActiveSync be augmented? I use the task list on my PDA extensively in a GTD-like manner. However, I would like my tasklist to be synchronized with my Outlook tasks via our office Exchange server. My PDA is a Pocket PC running WM2003 SE. While Windows Mobile 2005 can sync tasks with a server, WM2003 cannot - instead it can only sync tasks with a PC. So, the question is whether any third-party solutions exist to provide a conduit or some such, for Tasks for WM2003 for Exchange. Any takers?
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are you using the latest version of activesync?
I'm pretty sure that the latest version (4.2) supports syncing with an exchange server

if that doesnt work, try using beta 4.5
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Response by poster: killa62 - thanks for the idea, but I am already using beta 4.5

it is the verzion of Windows Mobile rather than ActiveSync itself that doesn't support Task sync to a server. I already sync my Contacts, Calendar, and Email (including several subfolders) to the Exchange server, and it's great.

i tried Verizon's wireless sync, which can do Tasks, but it requires an always on PC and cannot sync Email subfolders.

So, I guess I'm looking for a third-party patch or add-on that gives me WM2005-like capabilities for Tasks sync to server.
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I currently use Emoze, which allows me to sync to my PC over a Wifi or cellular connection. It can handle all of the activesync functions. This requires that a computer be on and online at all times to work.

What phone/PDA do you have? Many times active users have upgraded the OS on the pda to WM5.
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Response by poster: Hi imjosh,

I looked at Emoze (good suggestion btw), but it doesn't sync email subfolders, and requires special software to run on an always on PC.

I use an XV6600. This is the HTC Harrier, which is similar to the HTC Blue Angel, but with CDMA instead of GSM.

There IS a project to try to get the Harrier up to WM5, but it is running into difficulties where the resulting images always try to activate the (non-existent) GSM module.
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Have you tried asking this question at aximsite?
they seem to know what they're talking about and although the focus is on dell axims, they can definitely help you with questions about wm5 and 2k3
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A good source of information is in the forums

If you ask your question in the 6600 forum I can almost guarantee someone there can help you!

Also check out Xda Developers

Sorry Emoze doesn't work out, you may want to email them and ask that it be implemented.
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Response by poster: imjosh:

I emailed, and they're expecting to implement categories on tasks inside of a few weeks.

I will try it again then.

If my company hasn't bought me a WM2005 device by then... :)
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