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What's a small, free program to store a bunch of email addresses, label them according to categories, generate lists to mail different categories and eliminate duplicate addresses from the lists?
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Tuffy, is the Gmail contacts manager a possibility? I tried to enter a duplicate contact just now (same email, different name) and it stopped me. I tried creating a group with a duplicate member and it ignored the extra person - once the group was created, it only listed each person once.

The labeling could be contrived by putting a specific word in the "notes" section of a contact. You can then search on that word and everyone comes up that should. Click compose and they can all get your message.
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Palm Desktop would do this. A free download for either Mac or PC from
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Best answer: Thanks, loosemouth! I was thinking about Gmail but it didn't say anything about this stuff on its features page. I will definitely try it now.

The labeling idea is also a great suggestion.
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