What's this yellow thingy that came with my timbuk2 bag?
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I just bought a bag from Timbuk2. What's this yellow clip thingy?

It wasn't attached to the bag--it was just in one of the pockets. More importantly, can I just throw it out?
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Is that an actual clip? It looks like an icon stitched on to fabric from your photo.
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I have no idea - my bag certainly didn't come with anything like that. Did you get a messenger bag or some other Timbuk2 bag?

Needless to say you can probably toss it... and also loose the reflectors. Dork city.
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Best answer: I think that's yellow thing is used in store displays to hang the bag from a rod that would extend out from a display. So yes, I think you can throw this out.

I know this since I've been looking at messenger bags. I was considering Manhattan Portage instead of timbulk2 (specifically their "laptop messenger bag") Anyone have opinions on Manhattan Portage vs. Timbuk2 or other sorts of messenger-type laptop bags?
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Response by poster: croutonsupafreak: In this slightly better photo, you can see that it's definitely not stitched on. It came with the laptop messenger bag.

I'm thinking store display thingy, too, but it's just got a very unique shape (For example: what's that little slot for?)
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... and also loose the reflectors. Dork city.

Unless you actually ride a bike as well and aren't just trying to rock some messenger chic for style points. I find the idea of a little fluttery reflective tab pretty comforting. But what would I know about dorky: my Chrome metropolis has a full-width reflective panel stitched to the back.
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Agreed. I commute by bike daily, and though I have a Chrome bag, I would like more reflectors. I have some 3M reflective tape slapped on there now. Dork city or not, shiney things help me avoid getting hit by cars.

So, do with them what you will, but if you use the bag on your bike, keep the shinies.
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Hey, I've often wondered this too, although I don't think the clip is sturdy enough to hang the bag from. I think we have the same bag!
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Best answer: This clip lets you take bags from the back of the rod they hang from in the store without disturbing those at the front. A little plastic string goes through the hole and is attached to the bag.

More simply: this hook is just a cooler looking version of this.

(Sorry 'bout all the typos in my previous post).
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and also loose the reflectors. Dork city.

Except that they've saved my dark-color-wearing butt at least once in a Seattle crosswalk. I wish I'd gotten the tabs instead of the full straps, but they're quite useful in Seattle, where peds and cars don't mix as well as they should.
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washburn is right. it's just a clip to hang it up for display. I asked about it when I picked up a messenger bag at Sports Basement. Seems it's a common question.
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washburn: you can get a chrome laptop bag or you could get a normal bag and a laptop sleeve to go inside (which is what I have).
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