The Little Prince in Irish
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Help me acquire The Little Prince in Irish (An Prionsa Beag.)

I have a goal to make a nuisance of myself in 12 languages. I plan to use The Little Prince (one of my favorite books) as a study aid and I already have it in 11 of them (including Esperanto) but I have been unable to get ahold of a copy in Gaelic. The only edition I know of was published as An Prionsa Beag by Fat Lagan Press in 1997 (ISBN 1873687338) and it has been out of print for a while.
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Best answer: Not sure where you live. In the UK there's one copy in the public library in Haringay, which you should be able to get through inter-library loan. In the US there's a copy in Cleveland Public Library. Their interlibrary loan page on Worldcat says you can borrow items if you are based in other states through your own library system - 10 dollar charge.
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Maybe search around on Litriocht? Or contact a second hand book shop like Greenes and see if they can get a hold of one for you?

I have a copy in Bengali I'm learning to read from :P
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How to find rare and out-of-print books is a great site by a librarian with lots of links to international used bookstores and search sites. It also includes some search strategies to use while locating your book. The site is a bit unattractive but the info is very good.
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These people appear to have it.
These people even cheaper.
I know nothing about the reliability or honesty of either business, just googled "an preonsa beag" and that's what came up.
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Or contact the publisher to see if they have any back copies.
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