Simple animation that looks beautiful.
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Looking for examples of animation that could be described as both "beautiful" and "simple."
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I can't find a clip unfortunately, but I saw a film called Left and Leave by Yongchu Suh at the 2006 Slamdance Film Festival. A good portion of the film was drawn with the (righthanded) director's left hand. It was very simple and very beautiful.
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"A quoi ça sert l’amour?" (Perils of Love) is deceptively simple, and wonderful, and charming, and I get a little weepy every time I watch it.
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Also, this Superman short from Chris Appelhans, previously posted.
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Stan Brakhage, perhaps?

From Wikipedia:
"Brakhage's films are usually silent and lack a traditional story, being more analogous to visual poetry than to prose story-telling. He often referred to them as "visual music" or "moving visual thinking." His films range in length from just a few seconds to several hours, but most last between two or three minutes and one hour. Most of his work was done in 16 mm film, and he frequently hand-painted the film or scratched the image directly into the film emulsion, and sometimes used collage techniques. For Mothlight (1963), for example, he taped moth wings, twigs, and leaves onto clear film and made prints from it."

His more traditional (eg, filmed) films can be jarring, but the abstract ones, I find really very pretty.

Here's some sample frames.
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Of course, whether or not you count that as animation is probably contentious, but the films I'm talking about are hand-drawn.
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Silly Hats Only
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Samurai Jack. Especially the episodes with minimal dialogue.
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David Shrigley's video for Bonnie 'Prince' Billy's "Agnes". (bottom of page)
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John and Faith Hubley.
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Seems to me the recently discussed Kiwi! (YouTube) qualifies.
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Minilogue's "Hitchhiker's Choice"

Royksopp - "Remind Me"
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Also, any of Ferry Halim's "Orisinal" games...
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Seconding Samurai Jack. Also, highly recommending My Neighbor Totoro (the Fox version, if you can get your hands on it - the Disney version, although easier to find, has a new voice dub that isn't quite as elegant).
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Maybe not what you are looking for but a recent MeFi post linked to some emotional animations with simple character designs.
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The video for the JCB song.
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The Dot and the Line.
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Meatbomb: Silly Hats Only is an excerpt from Don Hertzfeldt's Rejected. If you liked that, you'll probably love the whole thing.
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I'd definitely second tpl1212's pointer to the Orisinal games. Very pretty indeed.
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