What to do with a Logitech NUON gamepad?
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What to do with a Logitech NUON gamepad?

NUON was enhancement to some DVD players about 5 years ago that made it act like a video game console. Unfortunately, NUON never caught on, and Logitech was (stupid) enough to go with it and make some cool-looking controllers for the defunct concept. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuon)

During the last Woot.com Bag of Crap offering, I received a brand-new, totally useless Logitech NUON gamepad (http://www.amazon.com/Logitech-Gamepad-NUON-DVD-Players/dp/B00005BIDY).

Now the question is, what can I do with such a useless gamepad?

I probably will not be able to sell it since no one uses the NUON, let alone know what the heck it is.

I'm an aspiring engineer by major, so it would be fun to do some sort've reverse-engineering or something to it. The connector appears to be some sort've mini-USB, so I'm wondering it there's a way to connect it to a computer or something.

In any case, it's just sitting in a box in my room in need of some love. I'm in the mood to get creative.
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Someone on the Nuon-Dome forums might be able to help you out, either with the controller interface, or they might buy the controller off you. I don't know how active the homebrew community is for the Nuon at this point, though.
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Why not just hack it open, and wire the potentiometers/buttons to the appropriate pins of a joystick port connector?
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