How to set up actions in GIMP?
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I'm a GIMP user, and I'm trying to figure out how to mimic the actions one can set up on Photoshop. Specifically, I'd like to set up a sequence that sets photos to a standard size (600 x ___), adds a standard black border, flattens the image, and saves the whole thing to a set folder. I'm not the most savvy GIMP user, so clear instructions on how to do this sort of thing would be greatly appreciated.
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I wouldn't know how to do that in gimp, but I bet you can do it with ImageMagick.

For example, to resize an entire directory to 600 width, I'd use something like:

mogirfy -resize 600 *.jpg

Versions available for unix and win.
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Script-Fu for the GIMP, to set up scripted actions in GIMP.

Or Imagemagick, which can allow you to perform actions from the command-line (that's mogrify, not mogirfy as the previous poster typoed).
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