Changing ibook g4 keyboard language
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How do I change my ibook g4's keyboard layout to french? Does anyone know of any specially made stickers for the g4s, or, indeed if I could purchase a replacement keyboard anywhere? It's essential that I use the inbuilt keyboard for this. Thanks.
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Best answer: French keyboard stickers
Canadian French keyboard stickers

As to how to change the language setting in OSX itself, System Preferences > International > Input Menu and check off the keyboard languages you'd like. You'll get a little flag icon in the top right hand corner of you screen.

Please note that Canadian French CSA might be of more use than a France keyboard layout (aka AZERTY) as the french invert the Q and A keys on their keyboard amongst others.
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eBay up a replacement keyboard. just make sure you get the right one (i.e. 12" versus 14"). the internal connector is the same. for illustration on this, see this guy's blog - he managed to get a 14" AZERTY keyboard from a iBook G4 in a first-generation white iBook.
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