Can I get a HP iPaq 6945 Unlocked with Verizon?
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Can I get a HP iPaq 6945 Unlocked with Verizon?

My old iPaq 4150 just died and I've been wanting to get a PDA phone forever. I don't particularly like the selection that Verizon supports, so I was looking at HP's site and I saw that they have an unlocked version of the 6945. Is it possible to get it to work with Verizon, I did some searching but I wasn't finding anything talking about it. I don't mind doing some light hacking/modifying, but I also want to make sure I can get it to work if I spend the money.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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i'm pretty sure that the 6945 is a gsm phone and that verizon uses cdma.
posted by noloveforned at 9:23 AM on December 8, 2006

It is a GSM Phone. It simply can't be used with Verizon, the technologies are incompatible.
posted by Steve3 at 9:42 AM on December 8, 2006

Thanks guys
posted by chrisWhite at 2:34 PM on December 8, 2006

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