I know there has to be one of these for sale *somewhere*...
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Where can I find a back issue of Life Magazine?

My mom is fascinated by the story of Jim Elliot, a missionary who, along with four other companions, was killed by Auca (Huaorani) Indians in Ecuador, and the subsequent missionary effort that this spawned. This effort came as a direct result of a photo essay about the five missionaries published by Life magazine in January of 1956.

So I would love get a copy of this magazine for my mom for Christmas this year. Unfortunately, my sources on the internet are coming up dry. I just missed it on eBay, and the several stores selling back issues of magazines that I found on Google are out of stock.

So my question for you is this: Where can I find the January 30, 1956 issue of Life magazine? The cover story is Henry Ford II At River Rouge. You can see the cover at the eBay Auction that I just missed.
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Best answer: This place is asking $50.
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Best answer: And this auction includes it, although it comes with 37 other issues from 1956. You might want to contact this seller as well, who will be auctioning off more lots of Life issues from that year. Who knows, maybe you could auction off the other issues individually and actually turn a profit!
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Why not do a highly quality photocopy from your local library?
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Best answer: There are old periodical-type stores which sell magazines of that age, though I don't know if there are any in your area as you don't have a location listed in your profile. This being the 21st century, some of the stores have a web presence. One such store that I drive past every so often is called Magazine Memories. Their website shows that they have the full 1950 series of Life available for purchase (hopefully with no important gaps).

If you can't find it anywhere else, Magazine Memories has a contact link on their site, should you want to ask them about availability and price. If it's too much in processing time or shipping cost for ya, I'm probably going past their store again this Saturday and could grab you a copy if you let me know in the next 24 hours. Or, MetaFilter is rife with Chicago-area people, one of them might be close enough to volunteer to stroll on down, check it out and/or get a copy for sending on.
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Avenue Victor Hugo Bookshop -- whose "Brick and Mortar Store" on Newbury Street, Boston is now closed -- had an extensive collection of vintage "Life Magazines." They likely still have a significant inventory of such available on their online store .

You can also e-mail them at: books@avenuevictorhugobooks.com.
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Best answer: You might contact Wheaton College, Jim's alma mater, to see if they have any special materials from a memorial event.

I know that when Paul Carlson (a missionary doctor murdered in the Belgian Congo and North Park alum) was remembered on the anniversary of his death, there were so many publications and materials generated that lots of non-North Park folks wouldn't have known about. Everything from photos to pamphlets to books and DVDs.
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Response by poster: You folks are awesome. I've ordered it and it should be here before too long. Thanks!
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Response by poster: I received my Box o' Magazines yesterday. Thanks for your help!
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