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Hi8 Video to DVD transfer advice?

I have some old Hi8 videotapes that are dropping out badly (lots of static, etc.) I read older threads on conversion to DVD, but technology has changed, so what's your advice for making the transfer? Would it make sense to buy a used Digital 8 camera that was backwards compatible to Hi8, use it, then sell it again? If so, what brand/model would be best?

Related: Are there any programs that will digitally reduce/remove video noise, like the audio programs will for vinyl?
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Best answer: Here's one possibility:

1. You could procure yourself an older Sony Handycam with DV out. Look for one about 3-5 years old; I bet you could get one for about $50.
2. Grab a DV --> Firewire cable.
3. Capture the files using iMovie (if your hard drive has the space?)
4. Assemble & edit as necessary.
5. Burn 'em to DVD.
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Best answer: It is important to note that you do not have to make a transfer to Mini DV tape in order to transfer to DVD. Look for a miniDv camcorder that allows for analog to digital video pass-through. However you may as well make a tape too since it will be good to have a digital backup.
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