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Help me find that medical book dispensing advice for "living on the edge".

My amazonfu has failed me. About, oh, six months ago I remember browsing through a rather unconventional "medical advice" book. Instead of dispensing the standard fare of how to live a healthy life, the author (a doctor) talked more about how to mitigate the risks of your already decidedly unhealthy lifestyle. I think there were chapters about how to get over a hangover, how to pull an all-weekender for work, how to lose 10 pounds in a week, etc, etc. I remember it being on display at the bookstore I visited, but now I can't find any trace of it. Does anyone remember title or author?
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Response by poster: Never mind, found it. "The Healthy Guide To Unhealthy Living" by Dr. David Clayton. My faith in my amazonfu is restored.
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