Sex video from the inside out.
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Where can I find that BBC real sex video that was linked to from this thread?

That video was removed from Google video almost immediatly after someone linked to it from Metafilter. I've done every sort of search imaginable, but I only keep coming up with porn. Anyone know where I can find this video online now?

For those who didn't see it, it's a video of a study done by the BBC where they attached cameras to a couple having sex. The video shows what intercourse looks like from the inside of the vagina as well as from the head of the penis. Fascinating stuff! I want to see it again and share it with others, but can't find it. Any help towards locating it on the web would be much appreciated (as you can see I already asked over on the original post, but no one has replied). Thanks!
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You want episode 1. Most of the "Guide" is rubbish. Fast forward to the good bits.
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CST on November 25

That torrent search still works, and is your best bet.
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Thanks, that was fast! Downloading now, but it's taking forever. Now that you've lead me to the title so I can do a real search, I've learned that it's been pulled from websites everywhere (was up on YouTube for about a minute before being removed), and that lots of other people are looking for it too. Also learned that it's not really the BBC that sponsored the program, but Channel 5. Cheers!
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There's a lot of that in the Girl's Guide, which I'm pretty sure is a BBC prod. The torrents can be found here.
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you can find the good parts at BoreMe Rigid.
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