W-9 Form for Canadian Residents
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Do I need to fill out a W-9 form if I live in Canada but do consulting work for an American company?

After moving back to Canada from the United States, I've started doing some consulting work from Canada for a company in the states (via Terminal Services, VPN, etc). I have a registered Canadian Corporation, and submit an invoice to the American company monthly. They're asking me to fill out a W-9 form, which seems like some sort of US tax-payer registration. I don't intend on paying taxes in the states, (I will however pay the Canadian taxes on any revenue I generate). Can anyone explain ( or point me to some resources on the web ) what I should do?

Bonus question: I'm looking for information on charging GST on services for export (currently not, but should I?) on the web. Does it exist?
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Best answer: I also do contract work from home in Canada for a US company. I've never been asked to fill out a W-9. They are probably just used to having US-based contractors. They probably think they're supposed to send you a 1099 as well.

You definitely do NOT need to charge GST for services performed for non-Canadian residents. I don't have a reference for you, but this is what my accountant (who deals with cross-border tax issues all the time) tells me.
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Best answer: I'm pretty sure vendors outside the US fill out a W-8 form instead of a W-9.

Have you asked them (the company you're freelancing for)? If they're the type of company that's stringent about these things (like my company is), then the accounts payable department should know the right form. But they're also unlikely to cut you a check without it.
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Response by poster: In anser to lampoil, I asked them, they said "It's standard procedure for all contractors". I guess they must not be used to having foreign contractors. I'll have a talk with them.
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