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I'm trying to find the piano/keyboards-equivalent of this excellent guitar lessons site. Basically, I'm looking for a non-commercial set of tutorials done in style, and essense (I know I ask a lot). I've done the usual Google queries; the free sites seemed either amateurish (e.g. PianoNanny) or poor, while the commercial sites only had one or two tutorials open to the public (and still not always top-class). Any truly worthwhile recommendations? Thanks in advance for your help!
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sorry i can't help with the piano stuff, but thanks for the guitar lessons link! i've been meaning to pick up the guitar again and move my skills forward, and i haven't really been eager to pay someone $60/hour and block out the time to do so each week.)
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Best answer: Check this links page out:
Mostly blues and jazz, but I think there are other styles there too. itself can be quite handy.
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