Help Me Figure Out What Domain Names to Keep
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Domain-amania! (part one)
A little less than a year ago, when I thought I was on the road to recovery, I had a shopping spree on GoDaddy, getting more than a dozen domain names I intended to turn into a network of cool sites. Nearly all of them have lain fallow since then, and now it's time to renew or relinquish and "thin out the herd". Over the next several days, I'll be Asking MeFi what names are worth keeping and what site ideas are worth pursuing. [more-on inside]

First: OXYCLONE.COM. Back in '99, I assembled a database (on MSAccess) of oxymorons with more than 2000 entries, called it The OXY2K, and dumped the list into static html pages at my old Tripod site and never finished my intended cross-linkings before I lost much of the database and most of my interest. Still, my more recent experience with php and mySQL has inspired me to explore ideas for data-based sites and the OXY list was the first of several concepts I chose to explore (which I'll tell ya about later). Since OXY2K is so-o-o-o dated, I looked for an alternative name, but like so many other categories, there are a bunch of Oxymoron sites and all the best names were taken. I came up with OXYCLONE (with a logo resembling a bucket of that cleaning stuff), but I'm not terribly happy with that. My OXY database, if/when completed will include a short blurb about the origin of each entry, and categorization by subject matter and 'type', plus the site would have a sub-list on the overused headline "Is XXX an Oxymoron?" Good idea? Wa-a-a-ay too 1990's Internet? Any hope that Google Ads would pay the overhead? Would YOU visit my site more than once for the "Oxy of the Day"? And does anybody have a better idea for the name?
I'm not asking much...
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How is this venture funded? Seriously. If this is just for fun then it's hard for us to answer whether you'll get enough fun out of it. If you're trying to generate ad revenue then the answer may be different.

I would say the Google ads might generate enough to pay for the hosting. But only if you got some good search engine placement.

I doubt I'd *use* it, but I'd probably link to it sooner or later.
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Response by poster: I'm doing it all to get #1 Google rank for "Jumbo Shrimp".
(and considering JUMBOSHRIMP.ORG as an alternative name)

As I said, I've got about a dozen ideas, no way I'll have the time to do all of them, and want the gut-level reaction of MeFites to help me decide which to pursue... If I explained them all in this one Ask thread, I'd still be writing it, and nobody'd bother to read it all...
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More than a dozen?!
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I'd dump them all. The Internet is so over.
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