VOB to MOV... How?
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I need to convert a short VOB file into a reletively high quality, uncompressed MOV file... it's for my reel and I am having a heck of a time finding a way to convert it while keeping the sound and image quality reletively intact. I have managed to create an AVI and a MPG/MPEG... but they don't want to be good little children and convert to MOV's through the freeware I have. Help!
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Yet another mission for Cinematize. It will retain the full audio and video bandwidth of your file and output to Quicktime (.mov). It's cheaply priced ($60) and handy.
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You could check out MM2D or Zamzar. I don't know if either of these handle VOBs though. Zamzar took a full day to mail me results.
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Have you tried VisualHub or Quicktime Pro?

Both for Mac, btw, but both inexpensive and should be able to do it.
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You want MPEG Streamclip, free for OS X and Windows.

It will convert VOBs to uncompressed .MOVs.
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Second Mpeg streamclip.

Why does it need to be uncompressed?
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Cinematize does NOT convert VOB files.

MPEG Streamclip is indeed the tool you're looking for. Such an awesome little app!
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erk...scratch that last answer...major brainfart. I was thinking "M2V", not "VOB".

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It's well worth learning to use ffmpeg (or mencoder) from the command line. I think it's available for Mac and Windows. Half the free encoders out there are just GUIs on top of ffmpeg anyway.

ffmpeg -i inputfile.vob outfile.mov

Will make an MPEG 4 based .mov with AAC sound. Use -b to change the video bitrate and -ab to change the audio bitrate.
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One of the aforementioned GUIs on top of ffmpeg and mencoder is SUPER. I haven't used it personally but I've often seen it recommended.
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