Dexter Theme Song Question
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The Dexter opening theme reminds me of a song but I can't figure out what, it's killing me (pun slightly intended), does it remind anybody else of anything so I can maybe connect the dots?
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I guess you mean Dexter's Lab? If so, then do you mean the title theme?

If so, this sounds to me a little like some of Danny Elfman's early work. Check out Music for a Darkened Theatre, Vol. 1.
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MonkeyOnCrack, I'm pretty sure Bonesy's asking about the theme to Dexter, on Showtime, but the Dexter theme reminds me a little of Danny Elfman, too.

The theme is here.
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And here's what the guy that wrote it has to say about it, if that helps :

The theme music for the Showtime series DEXTER was composed and recorded in August 2006. An interesting task, as it was to be both sly and witty yet dark and with a hint of Miami about it. So it features guiro, latin percussion, and also Turkish saz and a vaguely reggae beat. It was all timed to match the opening title sequence.
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It reminds me of a Tom Waits instrumental from either "Swordfishtrombones" or "Rain Dogs". Whichever of those two albums has a shortish instrumental which just fades out. Maybe that's what it's reminding you of?
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It reminds me somewhat of the music from the Monkey Island series of computer games. Somewhat spooky/malevolent music over a reggae beat. I forget exactly which songs though.
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On that subject, does anyone know about the song they play over the credits? It sounds familiar but I can't place it.
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Some wild guesses:

The Odd Couple?

The Third Man?

The Ipcress File?

Farewell to Cheyene?
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Thanks for asking this -- it is slowly driving me mad, too!
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