Problem with Apache (Win2K) on a local network
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Problem with Apache (Win2K) on a local network . . .

I have an install of Apache that runs fine on my Windows 2000 machine. I've added an XP laptop and I want to keep the 2000 machine as my server but work from the XP machine. Trying to browse to the root IP of the 2000 machine gets me an Apache 403 error.

For convenience, I've set up a virtual domain called "tpc-dev", pointed it at the Web Root folder and made an entry on both machines' hosts files. This has gotten me no further, but at least provided a place to put an Allow From All, Allow From 192.168 -type statement which did me no good. But looks professional.

I'm working entirely in the httpd.conf file; there's nothing in .htaccess. Could this be a network user permissions issue? It doesn't seem like a router issue (D-Link wireless router + access point) since I can see Apache.
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I usually [for some reason] also have a problem with Apache using virtual domains on a win2k based environment. I switched to Linux [typical LAMP setup] and the problem went away. I attributed it to Microsoft and me messing with the httpd.conf.
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