best charities for the homeless in NYC?
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What are some good charities in NYC that work with the homeless?

In the holiday spirit, I'd like to donate to an organization that helps the homeless in New York City. I'd be fine with either secular or faith-based orgs, as long as they are well-run and effective. Any suggestions?
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My favorite organization isn't specifically for the homeless, but they provide free nutritious meals for people living with AIDS, cancer and other serious illnesses who are unable to care for themselves: God's Love We Deliver
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City Harvest is one of the main charities that the MTA recommends for donations rather than hand your money over to panhandlers.

And Trinity/St. Paul's in Lower Manhattan runs John Heuss House. (disclaimer: I'm a parishioner at T/SP and have worked on volunteer projects at John Heuss House before; I can objectively say that it is very well run, and provides invaluable services to the homeless downtown. Do take some time to look into it if you'd like.)
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I'm partial to Palladia, which does a lot in the areas of supportive housing for the mentally ill/drug addicted/AIDS afflicted, etc.
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I studied NYC homeless policy pretty intensely a few years ago, and I concluded that Pathways to Housing is the most innovative and successful approach around. They have a 90% success rate in getting the most vulnerable homeless off the street. They have helped create a service model now being emulated all over the country. Even the Bush Administration likes it.

On the far other end of the spectrum, I would donate to the Legal Aid Society to support their legal advocacy for individual homeless/precariously housed people. They have been the chief agitators for homeless rights in the city for decades.
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Homelessness and HIV: Housing Works. Larger organization.

Personal favorite grassroots org, more on local community advocacy and self determination for low income residents (in Bushwick): Make the Road by Walking
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