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Erotic Thai Massage Video Filter

Remember this one? It was on all the major video sites 6 months ago, and now I cannot find it. Had a thin, naked Thai girl performing a heavily oiled body massage on some guy.
"Thai Massage" now yields some stupid cat/dog video.
Can anyone help? Thanks!
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I imagine it would have been deleted as a NSFW. this video is pretty funny. Does the still frame on this page look familiar? It seems to involve a skinny naked woman, and I found it with "thai massage". Unfortunetly it plays from another site, which doesn't seem to want to load. porno tube has lots of results, but they don't seem like the kind of thing you'd find on youtube, ever.
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That wasn't the one that was actually a japanese soap massage? Not that I would know anything about that.
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Delmoi - the still frame looks like the one -- but I cannot get the video to load...
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try an alternative
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Funny, it loads for me. And it's hilarious.
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I have experienced several traditional Thai massages, and I will tell you this: there is nothing even slightly erotic about Thai massage.
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I will now attempt to answer your question with a quick search on pornotube + a funny Officer Candidate School anecdote (not mine):

SSgt: "Does anyone know what a soapie is"
candidates "No SSgt"
SSgt: "Its when you get a bath in thailand, hell anywhere for that matter, and several women clean you with their soapy bodies"
candidate "Sounds awesome SSgt, but dont you have a wife?"
SSgt: "Do you think she knows what a soapie is, candidate?"
Candidate "No SSgt"
SSgt: "Then lets keep it that way, candidate"

Though these ladies are Japanese, btw.
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you will find it at the BoreMe site in the top 100 list.
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