What can I file in a file drawer... other than files?
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What can I file in a file drawer... other than files? I want to store

I am moving into a new office. I will have four lateral letter-size file drawers. But, I'm not much of a filer. (And I'm not going to become one) How can I use these drawers without just piling crap into them?? My google-fu has turned up this and I will be ordering a couple. I am looking for similar organization/storage solutions compatible with file drawers.
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Not really sure if this is the sort of thing you're looking for (new organizers, or just ways to utilize your drawers)...

The Tickler File, part of GTD

Sorry if this is totally not what you want. I read the question, I swear!
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Well- I use my extra file drawers for my office kitchen - Tea, cups, silver, snacks, vitamins. Keeps them out of the way so it's neat but handy.
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Response by poster: Ha niles... no, that's not what i'm looking for. I am a GTD fan, I just don't have a lot of paper come across my desk. I have my tickler file on top of my desk, and I still can't get in the habit of looking at it. Putting it in a drawer will probably not work. :)

I am looking for ways to keep "stuff" in those drawers without them becoming gigantic junk drawers.

beccaj, I do have a "kitchen" drawer in my desk, but I could use more room. Do you just toss stuff in the drawer, or do you have it organized?
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What do you have to store?
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Are you looking for something like this or this? They're basically plastic bins designed to hang in a file drawer.

This crazy pdf with the price list claims that there's no minimum number you have to purchase. They're a bit expensive, though. ($40-55 USD - see page 84-85.) It seems like there's got to be a cheaper alternative...
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