Flying from Manchester to Gothenburg
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Are there any flights from Manchester to Gothenburg? Or, failing that, from anywhere in the north of England to anywhere in the south of Sweden?

I've looked and looked, but I can't find anything. I can't afford hundreds and hundreds of pounds, so a budget carrier or a cheap fare from a national airline is all I can really look at.

So does this exist? And is there any easy, one-stop kind of way to find this kind of thing out, for future reference?
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You may want to consider flights into Copenhagen, and then the ferry to Helsingborg - that'll get you pretty close.
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SAS has direct flights.
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Response by poster: SAS flights are around £300. Each way.
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Flight SK8678 departs 19:00 arrives 21:50 from Manchester (MAN) to Gothenburg (GOT)

Flight SK8678 departs 19:00 arrives 21:50 from Manchester (MAN) to Gothenburg (GOT)

Flight SK8675 departs 07:30 arrives 08:20 from Gothenburg (GOT) to Manchester (MAN)

Flight SK8677 departs 17:30 arrives 18:20 from Gothenburg (GOT) to Manchester (MAN)

These are all non-stop direct flights.
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From the SAS website a roundtrip from Jan 10 to Jan 17 is £140, but you do have to fly through Copenhagen. I am having some trouble figuring out how to select non-stop flights in their horrible interface.
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Budget airlines have been discussed a couple of times around metafilter - the two names to remember are and to look for them.

Using skyscanner, it looks like you can do it pretty cheaply from glasgow to gothenburg, if that counts as 'north of england'.
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Using Opodo I find City Airline, Manchester to Gothenburg direct. Picking random dates I saw £214 return.
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And for completeness, if you want to drive to Goteborg, take this ferry from Newcastle upon Tyne.
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You could fly into Copenhagen and, rather than take a ferry, take the train into Malmo and then you should be able to take a train to Goteborg from there.
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Fly to Copenhagen or Stockholm.

Return flights to both seem to start at £110, but apparently you've got to call a travel agent, which is linked. A little inconvenient, perhaps, but not £600.

The train from "Kobenhaven" to "Goteborg" on the Swedish Railways site is about 4 hours and costs £29 in second class; the train from Stockholm to Goteborg is 3 hours on the fast X2000 train, but costs £82.
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Entirely incidental to the question, but SAS have lovely and wonderfully helpful cabin crew who helped subdue my panicking husband with copious reassurance and a free shot of Jagermeister and I heartily recommend flying with them.
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