How to move to Europe and find employment?
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I decided to move back to Europe, however I will need a job. I have about 3 years of work experience (all of which in the US) and have no idea what the job market looks like in Europe.

About me: MA in int'l relations (BA in econ and int'l relations) - both degrees from American universities - the MA from a quite reputable one; 3 years of work experience at an international organization; speak 4 languages fluently; EU membership.

My vague plan: to move to Europe, considering the UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, Poland. Catch - I am not sure if I would want to continue working in International Development - my possible interests include investment banking, marketing/advertising, journalism.

Specific questions:
- Can you recommend good European Job Search engines?
- Can you recommend any particular companies?
- Can you recommend any interesting careers (that are possible for me to get into without further studies)?
- Can you tell me about job search culture in Europe? How is it done? Here in the US it's all in 'networking'?
- Can you recommend any other particular countries? Why?
- Can you tell me where to start?
- Any additional advice for jobhunting and applying for jobs in Europe?
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I like my company, and its great because its global, so if you want to move, you don't necessarily have to quit.

Accenture - business consulting and outsourcing, but I'm sure HR could find a fitting role for someone of your experience / language capabilities. If you like, shoot me your resume (email in profile) and I'll forward it along.
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Get into the Graduate Trainee programs at one of the big Investment Banks; no need for an agency, apply yourself. Most have links off their web sites.

Even if you decide not to stay on at the bank that trains you, just getting through the program will let you move to any employer, the consultancies included.
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Best answer: I'll recommend Brussels because it's got that liberal atmosphere that really likes people of yoru profile.
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Best answer: London is an obvious choice for you. Its a great city, an easy place to live, the job market is good at the moment, and the choice of careers is as wide as possible. Downside is that the city is extremely expensive, the weather sucks, and transport is a bit of a problem. Overall its great, in my opinion.

If you're serious about investment banking, London becomes even more of an obvious choice. As a financial centre its multiples of the size of any other european city. Investment banks are hiring, just ring up the human resources department and ask.

Applying to large companies in the UK is fairly straightforward. There will be the usual rounds of interviews and tests, and its a level playing field.

Journalism/Media is much more network based; there are lots of small companies, and its a very competitive market.

Job markets outside of the UK are mixed across Europe. Germany, Italy, and France all have fairly high unemployment at the moment, although there are signs of improvement in Germany particularly. Italy has a bad reputation as somewhere to find work if you are not Italian. Also you need to speak Italian to do well there.

Best of luck
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Response by poster: ruelle and Touchstone, many many thanks for the insight.

i am a bit disappointed that there are not too many replies to this question, but since my "big move" will not happen till mid next year, i encourage all of the passers-by to keep adding comments, since i'll be checking back here.
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I'm watching the thread also. My partner toys with the idea of changing companies, yet we're both quite clueless as to who that would be. He's MS-CS (European) plus American MBA. He's with the same company since grad school (8 years).
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