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Free, non-tacky, AND PowerPoint? Is such a combination possible?

I can't change my company's preference for PowerPoint, but I can at least make the design of it tolerable.

I'm no graphic designer, so I'm looking for free, ready-to-use PowerPoint design templates that don't look like Microsoft clip art. A modern color palette and clean minimal design would be awesome. No 3-D graphics, fancy animation, or anything that resembles an Angelfire homepage circa 1995.

In the whole wide interweb, I found one site that fits this bill. Surely in this age of creative commons, another site exists to help prevent bad PowerPoint?
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Presentation Zen does not offer templates, but it offers great advice and many examples of clean, effective PowerPoint design.
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The problem is (and I'm not sure if this is your case or not) that people fail to understand that Less really is more.

To avoid the Microsoft Clip art look avoid Clip art. It really can be that simple. Don't use illustration for no reason.

Is this for a presentation? If so I'd stick to white backgrounds, logo in the top left, Trebuchet MS for the text. Maybe use one colour for headings and another for body.

If you can't afford a graphic designer then don't design it. You seem to know exactly what you want so just go for it.

A modern color palette and clean minimal design would be awesome.

Black text, white background.
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Alternately: very dark blue text, white background. Or: white text, black background. No clip art.
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I would suggest that you reverse the text and background colors. White backgrounds are hard on the viewers eyes. So white backgrounds can encourage people not to pay attention to the text.

Now, if you are truly looking for a different presentation style, Cliff Atkinson's Beyond Bullets is a refreshing approach away from text toward graphical display of information. It is worth a look back through his archives.

If PPT templates are still where you want to go, I have two sites for you. Indezine and Presenters University are resources that I rely on regularly.

For inspiration on the possibilities, SlideShare is a PPT sharing site.

Great Optimism,
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