I don't feel like dancing.
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What are some catchy "danceable" songs about not wanting to dance?

I'm trying to help my friend with a project. What are some recent good, catchy songs about dancing, or more importantly not dancing?

Here's what I have:

I Don't Feel Like Dancing by The Scissor Sisters.
W.A.Y.U.H (People don't dance no more) by The Rapture
The first part of Robochacha by Kid Koala.

What else do you guys recommend?

PS I'm NOT using Safety Dance. Sorry.
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There's that George Michael song where he claims that he's never gonna dance again, but I don't know what it's called.
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I've sort of always liked Instant Club Hit (You'll Dance to Anything) by the Dead Milkmen. It's sort of danceable and very funny if you're not a super dancer type.
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!!! (chk chk chk) have a song abou the cabaret laws here in NYC called "Me and Giuliani Down By the School Yard".
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A Praise Chorus by Jimmy Eat World
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"I can't dance; I got ants in my pants."

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Blame it on the Boogie - Jackson Five
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Playgirl by Ladytron.
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I Won't Dance by Frank Sinatra (or any number of crooners, really).
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Kompressor Does Not Dance
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I Can't Dance by Gram Parsons
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Response by poster: This is good stuff guys keep it coming.

Yeah! Kompressor! I knew I was forgetting that.
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The Dismemberment Plan did a great song about kids at rock shows who don't dance called Doing The Standing Still.
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"We Can't Dance," by Genesis, is relevant, I suppose, but kinda awful.

"The Lonely Passion of Joey Heatherton" (.mp3 link) by the incomparable Prickly (here rerecorded by their successor band, Shumai), has "I can't dance at your thousand-dollar wedding" as the chorus.

Slightly farther off but maybe usable is Fountains of Wayne's "Please Don't Rock me Tonight."

"Safety Dance," by the way, is surely PRO-dancing, anyway..?
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interrobang: There's that George Michael song...
That's Careless Whisper ... which I thought was a Wham! song, but it turns out it was a solo George Michael song from 1984 right in the midst of Wham's heyday. Oddly, the other half of Wham! (Andrew Ridgeley) shares writer's credit on the song -- even though he apparently didn't write any of Wham's songs.
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I Don't Wanna Dance by Split Enz is all I could think of. Your idea of "catchiness" may vary, though now I've got it stuck in my head.
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"Disco Dancer" by Devo
"Dancin' Fool" by Frank Zappa
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I don't wanna Dance by Eddie Grant is quite cool.
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Sir Nose D'Voidoffunk (Pay Attention-B3M) by Parliament Funkadelic.

I am Sir Nose'd
I have always been
Devoid of funk
I shall continue to be
Devoid of funk
You have only won a battle
I am the subliminal seducer
I will never dance
I shall return, Starchild
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"The Last Days of Disco" by Yo La Tengo is a beautiful song, but I guess calling it "danceable" would be sort of a stretch.

"Mystery Dance" by Elvis Costello is about not getting it. Dancing is a euphemism for sex here.

"No Parking on the Dance Floor" by Midnight Star is a warning to people who aren't dancing.

"One Little Dance" by The Moovers is about getting turned down. It can be found on the amazing Eclectic Soul: The Deep City Label compilation.

Demogorgon beat me to it, but Sir Nose D'Voidoffunk is a recurring character in Parliament/Funkedelic songs. He's the living embodiment of anti-funk; he doesn't dance, or even swim. See "Aqua Boogie (A Psychoalphadiscobetabioaquadoloop)", "Sir Nose D'Voidoffunk" (youtube), and many, many more.
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Don't forget Flashlight!
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Lady Sovereign's "Love Me or Hate Me" (youtube link) features a bridge where she sings "I can't dance and I can't sing"

... here a few that are about dancing, but involve the unwilling:

Madonna's Into The Groove (youtube) is about a person who dances trying to get someone who doesn't dance out on the floor. The live version from her new album features a friggin' bagpipe intro.. I'm just saying (youtube).

Madonna's "Now I'm following you", (youtube) is about dancing with someone who can't dance, same album that Vogue came off of, sounds kinda dated now. On the album the slow part & the "remix" part that follow are two different tracks.

And according to Slangcity, YingYang Twins' "Shake it like a salt shaker" includes lyrics which deplore people who do not make use of a good song.
We ain't no boys we grown men/
If you ain't gon' dance well don't then/
Why you wanna waste a nigga song then/
See your ass down doing nothing
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Devils Rancher beat me to the Split Enz suggestion, and now I have it stuck in my head, too.
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Seconding Jessamyn's Dead Milkmen reference and has no one mentioned Genesis' "I Can't Dance"?
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'Your Feet's Too Big' by innumerable performers; Fats Waller's is the best but impress your friends by tracking down the Beatles' version.
There are a half-dozen different songs called 'Two Left Feet'. I only know the ones Cannonball Adderly and Richard Thompson have done, and they're both appropriate.
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The Ben Folds/Rufus Wainwright cover of Careless Whisper that they perform when touring together is one of my favorite tunes.

/Folds Fanboy Mild Derail

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Lean Back?

Yeah, I got nothin'.
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There is a gabber song by Johnny Violent/Ultraviolent that has the line "dead on the dance floor/shot up with an X/[something something]" about hating ravers. I haven't listened to it in probably a decade and can't find the album. Sorry.
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I feel old, because I am the only one to think of Leo Sayer's "Long Tall Glasses":

And somebody grabbed me
Threw me out of my chair
Said "before you can eat
You gotta dance like fred astaire"
You know I can't dance
I can't dance
I am a man of the road
A hobo by name
I don't seek entertainment
Just poultry and game

(Hey, it's catchy!)
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Long Tall Glasses was the FIRST song that came to mind for me.
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Anavan - Mingle (it's on the myspace page). More about convincing someone to "get down on the dancefloor." It's funny, and danceable.
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Brandtson's "Nobody Dances Anymore."
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Goodie Mob - "They Don't Dance No Mo". I wouldn't necessarily dance to it, but you could.

The relevant chorus: "People1 don't dance no more2, all they do is this3...all they do is this...all they do is this."

1 - In the uncensored album version, of course, this would be another, more colorful word.
2 - I'll bet you a dollar that the Rapture stole this line.
3 - the "this" is accompanied with an appropriately half-hearted boogie motion. Sort of like what we do on the west coast nowadays.

I'll definitely attest to its catchiness though.
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"Waiting for Slow Songs" by Sloan is about not dancing, at least in part.
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Joe Tex - "Ain't gonna bump no more (With no big fat woman)".

Tina Charles - "I love to love".

Wham - "Wake me up before you go-go":

"Cuddle up, baby, move in tight
We'll go dancing tomorrow night
It's cold out there, but it's warm in bed
They can dance, we'll stay home instead"

...and if you consider songs about not wanting your mother to dance, the classic "Please don't go topless, Mother", by Troy Hess.

"...the Cliff's Notes version of the plot is basically "four-year-old boy begs his stripper mom to stay home from work, keep her shirt on, and start going to church."
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"I Can't Dance (To That Music You're Playin')"
by Martha & the Vandellas

(not sure how hard/easy this would be to dance to)

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Response by poster: Great stuff. Thanks guys. I've been able to find and listen to most of these songs. There's some good stuff here. Even the songs that won't work for what I'm doing were still good.

For posterity I also thought of Dance Commander by Electric 6.
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