Uploading screenshots to a blog
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What blogging software can I paste an image from the clipboard that will then automatically upload it to wordpress?

Basically this is my blogging pattern:
I browse the internet, or whatever, find something interesting, take a screenshot, crop the image in Irfanview, copy that image for the posting.

At the moment I need to save the image, then open the posting in Wordpress (can't do it in Performancing), then upload it, then resize it. Then click post. It's a tedious process

I want to: Copy straight from Irfanview, paste into the blogging software. It then automajically uploads the image to the wordpress site. I'm hosting at wordpress so I don't have the FTP access.
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It won't be anything 100% client side, unless it is an inline Java Editor of some kind.

There are apps (like Word 2007, as a bad example) that might do this for you.
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Try out Microsoft Live Writer.

Also, this Wordpress support thread might have some more info.

I have also used MWSnap to save screenshots into a folder scanned by Picassa. I added the images to a Blogger account straight from Picassa.
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This is just a wild guess, but maybe writely/google notebook could be employed for this somehow.

I think the easiest free way to get a pic online would be to save it to a folder watched by picasa, and then upload to flickr or photobucket or whatever.

Of course, if you had a hosting package(and they're cheap!), you could automatically have the pic saved to a folder at the hosted site, then all you'd have to do is write the link.
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lr2ImageSnag is not EXACTLY what you want, but it could prove to be very useful.

I use it on my site to produce the thumbnails automatically and it really is a godsend....perfect every time and was easy to configure once I figured it out. Drop me a line if you have any questions (my email is on my site - trying to avoid spam).
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I haven't used WordPress for this, but I know both Microsoft Live Writer and Adobe Contribute can do this for screen captures and send them to (at least) tools like Movable Type or Typepad. I'd guess that they should work with any tools that support the same APIs.
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Response by poster: That Wordpress thread helped a lot! thanks for the info.
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