USB-Based MPEG-2 Hardware Encoder..PVR not necessary
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Can anyone recommend a good (preferably USB-based) hardware MPEG-2 encoder? Not a PVR, just an encoder.

I have a DVD-Video recorder and that's what I use to dub tapes and record television. I've been using Quenc to encode AVIs and other digital movies to MPGs while I then convert to IFOs/VOBs (a DVD) using Dvdauthor. But Quenc (and TMPEGEnc 3.0, which I also own) are too slow!

I am looking for a device (and software, probably) that will take in raw digital video (such as from a software frame server) and spit out an MPEG-2 program stream (VBR, GOP boundaries and all). I understand I can buy a device like a USB PVR that encodes to MPEG-2 on the fly, but I don't want/need that—I already have the video, just want to convert it to MPEG-2 as quickly as possible.

Does such a device exist? Is it for professionals only and in the $5k range or something?? Am I limited to PVR-type devices and software for now? Help!

Thanks in advance!
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this is a bit above my head but I have been thinking about getting the elgato eye tv hybrid myself. perhaps this might help you out at least somewhat?

I realize this is a consumer product though. it might not be up to your requirements.
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I believe the Plextor ConvertX does this
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