Great massage in Nashville?
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Can anyone reccommend a good place for a massage in Nashville? The closer to Hendersonville, the better.

This is a Christmas gift, so I need to be able to order a gift card through a website or over the phone, as I live several hours away.

I have googled and found a couple in the area, but I have no idea what the quality of service is. So far I've come across: Yana's Salon and Spa and Bodyworks Emporium. Any experience with these or others would be appreciated.
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Nashville Scene Reader's poll 2006 lists:

Essential Therapy
Practical Massage

I found that I could trust the Scene's reader polls most of the time. However, these are all around Greenhills/Vandy/Music Row area, roughly 30min from Hendersonville. But I also found that for stuff like this, one would benefit from leaving H'ville.

Hope that helps some.
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My dad who is really into deep tissue massages says The Works in downtown Nashville is the best.
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