Recommend stretching routine resources.
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I started weight training about 9 months ago, with regular cardio. I want to start a strecthing routine because I feel very tight. [m/i]

I do basic stretches before working out, but I want to learn more, and stretch more than what I have been doing, which is not enough, I don't feel.

I've looked and there are many books, pilates, etc. Anyone have any specific recommendations regarding good resources for learning different strecthing techniques?
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Stretch what's tightest, a couple times a day, for 30 seconds-1 minute per muscle group. Once right when you get up, lunch time, and bedtime. You'll be more flexible in no time. Don't bounce, just hold the stretches. I usually start with the legs and move up the body.
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The stretch classes I take incorporate principles from pilates and yoga. (Doing this thru a class format has its advantages. Plus they play cool music too.)
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Your tax dollars at work: the stretching and flexibility chapter from the US Army's physical fitness manual.
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Stretching Scientifically is well-regarded. It has good coverage of the different types of stretches (dynamic, relaxed, isometric) and explains how they should be integrated into your workout schedule to maximize results.

The author has some articles posted here that may give you some idea what to expect from the book.
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I like ExRX generally for fitness info. I admit I haven't looked over the links above yet, so I can't compare on their stretching.
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Most trainers will tell you never to stretch before you warm up - your muscles/ligaments/tendons are cold and are very prone to injury. Do a few minutes of warming up and then stretch. I definitely second the suggestion of yoga and pilates. I just started a combo class last month and the difference in my flexibility is amazing.

The absolute best thing you could do to get limber - make friends with a ballerina and have her teach you the grueling stretches and bar exercises that they go through daily. Or take a ballet class yourself.
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