Coffee/Expresso machine under 13.5 inches?
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I'm looking for a high-end home coffee/expresso machine as a gift. However, it has to be under 13.5 inches in height.

One of our best friends had their kitchen remodeled and as a result, their old coffee machine no longer fits on the counter because it is too tall. I'm looking for a high-end coffee/expresso machine that is 13.5 inches or shorter to give to them for christmas because that is the clearance between their counter and cabinets. Does such machine exist?
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try kitchen-aid
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The FrancisFrancis X3 is 11.75" and is a decent espresso machine as well.

Do you know what kind of machine they were using before?
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How high end?
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Definitey high-end...two options by Jura/Capresso below.

Impressa E8 Automatic Coffee & Espresso Center - 13.5"

Jura-Capresso Impressa F9 Fully Automatic Coffee and Espresso Center - 13.58" (34.5 cm)
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I use a FrancisFrancis X1 it's 13" tall and works very well and from a thrift store the price was right
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Remember that filling a machine like that probably involves pouring water in from the top, which means low cabinets lead to pulling it in and out at least every few days.

Drop a line and they'll figure out what your friends can use (and would like).
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I say this not to be a snobbish ass but because it may help you avoid an awkward situation when you give the gift - it's spelled (and pronounced) espresso.
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Be very careful buying high end espresso gear for someone. Check out what sort of machine they had and get something similar. ie I wouldn't touch that Jura saffron linked to with a barge pole, because I personally wouldn't want super-automatic. It might be exactly what you friends are after though. For similar money an Expobar Brewtus II would make me a very happy camper, but someone who did want a super-auto would be annoyed.
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I've been pulling 2-3 shots a day from a Rancillio Sylvia for over 5 years now and it still pulls awesome shots. However, it's _exactly_ 13.5" high, although it has rubber feet that could be removed to make it more like 13.25". I assume the height constraint is because it has to sit below a hanging cabinet. The water tank is refilled from the top, so one would need to drag it out to refill — not optimal.

It's a machine for people who just want really high quality hardware without all the plasticy, gimicky crap. It's like a Mercedes with crank windows.
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Do'h, you said "coffee/espresso machine", disregard my prior post.

My feeling about these types of machines, along with every "hybrid", "dual-purpose" product, is that they're ok at everything, but great at nothing. And the thing with espresso is, if it's not excellent, it's not worth drinking. Just my .02.
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The aerobie coffee maker only costs $40 but HELL it makes great coffee. I guess you want to spend more than that but having used the aerobie I'd find it really hard to spend more.

If you want to spend more, buy the Aerobie and a really high end burr grinder or a good roaster. The grinder and the roaster are arguably more important.

One huge virtue of the Aerobie is how versatile it is depending on water temp, water volume, grind and so on.

And clean up is so easy.
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I've had Jura machines for over 10 years and would gladly recommend them. But, I don't think it will fit your friend's space.

I've just done a quick measure of my current machine, the Impressa F7 and it is 13.75 inches tall. The real problem is that there are two hinged lids that cover the water reservoir and the beans that when opened bring the height to around 15 inches or so. I guess you could remove the covers, I don't imagine it would affect the performance of the machine.
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Actually, I have no clue what type of coffee they want. When I was writing the question, coffee/expresso machine just popped into my head so disregard that. I think my friend needs a high end coffee machine that fits under his counter. It would be best if there was a way to not refill it from the top, since if he had to do that, it wouldn't be very efficient.
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espresso, heh, sorry, I don't know why but I've always thought it was "expresso" Also, I don't drink coffee so I don't know anything at all about coffee machines
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Some machines can be permanently plumbed in to the cold water supply; no need to fill these from the top.
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I second the Aerobie! I just bought my espresso snob buddy one for xmas to replace his $200 Starbucks unit.
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