How to put a WMA into a WMV with blank video?
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How can I turn a WMA into a WMV with blank video?

Here's what I would like to do. I want to take an existing MP3, which I will convert to WMA, but I want to wrap it into a WMV with nothing but blank video (or a static image that is displayed in every frame) so that it can be played on a device that only supports WMV files natively (but not WMA audio files).

Bonus points for finding an open-source way to do this that can be automated easily. If I need to do it by hand each time, it will will be significantly more inconvenient.
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Windows Movie Maker? If 13 year olds can make millions of Jim & Pam fanvids set to Snow Patrol songs then I'm sure you will have no problem making basic videos with WMM.
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Well, by hand, I'd suggest trying Windows Movie Maker.

By script? FFmpeg may be able to do what you want, if you have enough script-fu.
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I've only used it a few times in desperation at work so I'm not perfectly sure, but Windows Media Encoder should do that. I know you can batch encode with it at least.
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