Best vegetarian food on the Strip?
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What restaurant has the best vegetarian cuisine on the Vegas Strip?
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Not sure about actual veggiehead restaurants, but I can tell you that the buffet at the Wynn was absolutely fantastic. They had a whole big vegetable section too.
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Not necessarily looking for a vegetarian restaurant -- or necessarily vegetables. Just looking for the best meatless dishes on the Strip, whatever the venue.
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A few month ago hit up a pretty good Indian place on the strip just a few blocks past the alaidin in a small outdoor shopping mall, can't remember the name of it though. The rest. at the top of the Eiffel tower in paris had a few great vegetarian dishes my girlfriend devoured. Found a good Asian place in the Venice themed monstrosity but don't recall the name.
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Gaylord India Restaurant in The Rio Hotel (just off the Strip) is very good and has lots of vegetarian choices.
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Ah, here's the site for Gaylord Las Vegas...
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It may be because my Mexican Food choices are so limited up here in Canada, compared with cities closer to the border - but I loved the Veggie Burrito I had at the Mexican restaurant in New York, New York (Sorry, I can't remember the name of the restaurant). Everyone else was really happy with their meal as well, although not everyone ate vegetarian.
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Without question the answer for me would be Michael Mina in the Bellagio. The vegetarian tasting menu is outstanding. We were there with several omnivores and a very picky vegetarian, many of us had the standard tasting menu which was also excellent, but everything on the veggie tasting menu delighted the vegetarian and all the omnivores at the table. Lots of good veggie options at the Spice Market Buffet across the street at the Aladdin. Great salads and mediterranean food options in particular. Good luck!
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