Is it OK to order medication from Canadian, Mexican, or Australian online pharmacies?
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I take an anti inflammatory medication, Feldene (Piroxicam), for my arthritis daily. As I've just started a new job, and will be without medical benefits for 3 months, I'm investigating the option of ordering my scrip from an online pharmacy to save a few bucks. From Googling, I see that they are based, for the most part, in Canada, Mexico, Australia, and other points. (I live in the US) I notice that some require a copy of the scrip (Canada), and others do not. Has anyone dealt with these pharmacies? Are they legit? Did they save you money? Any recommendations?
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I have never bought any from foreign lands, but the FDA has some information on it.
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bawanaal, email me for recommendation.
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Man, if I could get it for you without a prescription, I'd walk on down to the drugstore and mail it to you. It's simply atrocious that good medicine is unaffordable.
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This one has worked for me. I haven't searched it online, but two of my doctors have told me most drugs come from the same manufacturing source (in Europe, I believe), and there's no quality difference between the ones obtained in the US and the ones elsewhere. Ye olde FDA is heavily influenced by the Big Bad Pharmaceutical Industry, who doesn't want the $ lining anyone else's pockets.

BTW, the price for 6 mos worth of 2 prescrips was US$200, whereas stateside the same amount would easily been triple that. I did have to fax a copy of the Rx, and they did call to confirm I was who I said I was and the order content. None of that I considered a hassle given the savings.
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