Trying to find anime / old animation film from early 80´s
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At a younger age I vaugely remember watching an animated movie which greatly disturbed me for years as I didn´t understand it, and could not understand what was being portrayed other than the film appeared to be EVIL. (Note: I don´t remember very much of the film visually but I do remember alot emotionally, as such I am really groping trying to piece together what I saw as opposed to what might have been imagined.)

as best I can remember the fiilm portrayed war? or a rebellion against machines androids or robots. People suspected of being androids or robots were x-rayed and then shot by a firing squad. I believe there was a robot / android princess and that the principal character of the film was a young boy who asked for milk in a bar. I most strongly remeber as sense of dread(?) throughout the film.

I am guessing I saw this on HBO in the early 80´s.

Any information as to what this film was called or if I am crazy and imagined the whole thing is most appreciated. I would so much like to see this movie now and alter this old memory into something more understandable or recognizable as worthless. ;-)
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I think I recall being tramatized by the same film as well.. maybe we can start a support group. No joke, it haunted me for years.
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Wizards by Ralph Bakshi? Many a parent was misled and many a kid was traumatized by that bit of animation.
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It wasn't "Wizards"; entirely different story.
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Light Years (aka Gandahar) by René Laloux? Same fellow that did Fantastic Planet. The release date is 1988, btw...
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Light Years is a likely candidate, and a great movie...
I seem to recall another film that fits this profile, I saw it as kid and can't recall the name at the moment... I can think of the image on the box though... I'll keep looking.
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Yeah I know, SCDB, I'm going for the emotionally disturbing/robot-related/animated/on HBO a lot in the '80s angle. I have found many times that I combine memories of old half-remembered TV shows/movies, and may have the plot of one with the characters of another.
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Holy cow, "Light Years" seems like it might be a winner but if it is I am going to have a stern talking to with dear old Mom and the dangers of letting youngsters watch bizarre films from the french!

The date seems a bit later than I remember but the doorway as mentioned in the summary seems familiar.

All Joking aside I am going to try and locate this.

dbiedny you are the man (or the woman). ;-)
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Sounds a bit like Galaxy Express (aka Galaxy Express 999). There's a really great scene when Captain Warlock (good-guy badass) forces a member of a tough-guy gang (who's an android) to drink milk, with the understanding that milk will destroy a robot's insides.

Great, great anime, by the way. First one I ever saw... I think I was 8 at the time.
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C_D, does Galaxy Express have a girl with orange hair and stars for eyes and an old man with a very long beard?
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I think Civil_Disobedient has it. I haven't even seen GE in years but it's the first thing that popped into my head, especially with the mention of the scene in the bar.
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If it is "Light Years" then you might also try to locate it under it's alternate title "Gandahar"...

If it helps jog your memory any there is an underground mutant race in the film...

All sorts of missing limbs and faces on torsos and the like...
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I saw Gandahar recently. It doesn't match up with the description at all, I'm afraid.
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C_D, does Galaxy Express have a girl with orange hair and stars for eyes and an old man with a very long beard?

Sure does. Maetel (heroine) and (I'm guessing) either the old dude that gives Tetsuro the hat or his brother are the "very long bearded" guy you're thinking about.
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Galaxy Express is our winner. I remeber the name Warlock and the descriptions I found online match up. Additionally this fits the timeline which would have placed me at the tender and impressionable age of 4!

Hats off to C_D and my thanks to all.
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Thanks, C_D!
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