Recent pieces for solo brass instruments?
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[New-Classical-Music Filter] What are your favorite pieces from the last few decades (or have you written anything) for solo trumpet, trombone, bass tbn, or tuba? Seeking scores and/or recordings to study (online availability would be a huge plus). Small-chamber works, other than brass quintet, would be great too. Asking because I haven't written for brass insts. except in orchestra/large-ensemble contexts, and I want to explore solo/chamber writing for them. Yes, I'll also get what I can from newmusicjukebox. Thanks!
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David Lang's Are You Experienced? has a number of extended solos for amplified tuba.
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Even though some of his stuff is a bit repetitive, I think that Eric Ewazen writes some nice stuff for brass (IAATP*).

I would write more, but, incidentally, I have to go to a rehearsal. Email me in my profile for more info, or I will try to check back tonight and post a longer response. I can give you all kinds of info.

(I Am A [tenor] Trombone Player).
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David Uber wrote a fairly interesting concerto for trombone that has been transcribed for trumpet as well.

Marcel Bitsch has written a bunch of things for trumpet - I've played an etude of his that was a bit of a bear, but it sounded really nice when I got it down.
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Two of Luciano Berio's Sequenzas are for brass: Sequenza V for trombone, and Sequenza X for C trumpet with an amplified piano. They are, of course, heavy on the extended techniques. Here's a review of a Naxos recording, and sheet music shouldn't be hard to find.
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Another one I just thought of - the Persichetti Serenade for trombone, viola, and cello. Really fantastic piece, and it's fun to see how he uses the trombone (a little different than you'd might expect - hard to explain. Check it out!).
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does spanish flea count?
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