Moving to the Boston area, need some recommendations for doctors and a vet.
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Moving to the Boston area, need some recommendations for doctors and a vet.

I'm moving to Woburn, MA in a month. I need recommendations for vets and doctors:

I have 2 pugs, and we feed them a raw diet, so I need a vet that won't tell me to not feed them raw. A vet who specializes in brachiocephalic breeds is preferred, but not a requirement.

For the human doctor, looking for a PCP that is female, nice, open-minded, and accepts Tufts Health Plan. I'll also need an OB/GYN with the same qualities.

I don't mind driving a bit for these. I will be working in Andover, so something close to 93 between Woburn and Andover is good, as well as Burlington, Lexington, Winchester, Stoneham, etc.
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If you're willing to go as far as Cambridge I recommend the Marino Center. It's a progressive health center.
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I have been using Winchester Animal Clinic 781-729-2610 for Princess who is a cat but the people is nice and friendly.
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We use the Woburn Animal Hospital for our dog and we've been very happy with them.
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Can't get the link to work, but it's
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We use Angel Memorial but from Woburn that's a wee bit of a hike. On the other hand, any time we had any serious problems with our dogs we always ended up being referred to Angel anyway! We have Greyhounds, BTW.

Can't help you much with docs, but there is always MGH Primary Care Clinics if there is one close enough? I don't know if they take Tufts.
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