0800-reverse on UK mobile networks
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0800-reverse in the UK - are there any mobile networks that support this on pre-paid ("pay as you go") tariffs?

This seems to be a bit of an oddity. Virgin mobile say they do not support it; O2 also say that - yet I have used an O2 phone with no credit left to call a landline via 0800-reverse.

0800-reverse say
"0800 Reverse is the new way to call reverse charge. Simply dial the numbers that spell 0800 Reverse from any phone, anywhere in the UK. Just hit the seven once, the three once and so on. That’s 0800 7-3-8-3-7-7-3. You will then be asked to dial the number of the person you wish to call and will also be asked your name – it’s that simple. It’s so easy to remember and you’ll never need to carry loose change to make a call, or if a payphone won’t accept your coins*. *Some mobile networks, hotels, and some payphones may charge the caller for a call to 0800 Reverse."
Are there any UK telecoms specialists here that know with some certainty that a network supports this? Thanks in advance!
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Response by poster: Just so that I'm being clear:
I want to find a service that allows people with no credit left on their UK pay as you go mobiles to call a UK landline at no cost to themselves (I realise the service is charged to the accepting party).
0800-reverse misleadingly use phrases like "Use 0800 Reverse from any phone in the UK to call virtually anywhere in the UK." & "0800 REVERSE Charge calls can be made from ordinary lines, payphone lines and mobile phones in the United Kingdom. They can be made to ordinary lines in the United Kingdom, but not to mobile, pager, Freefone, number translation service numbers (such as 0800, 0845 and 0870), premium rate numbers (such as 0900, 0907 and 0911) or payphone numbers. "

I just want to know which mobile operator in the UK actually does support this service.

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I have no credit left on my Orange mobile, and I activated the reserve minutes (2x 30-sec calls) by calling 450. I called 0800 REVERSE and got through to their automated system. After calling 0800 REVERSE, I still had my two reserve 30-sec calls. Presumably this means calling 0800 REVERSE would still work after both 30-sec reserve calls have been used.
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If you really want the answer, call mobile phone companies, which will just tell you if they support the service.
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Response by poster: matthewr:
that's a good lead, thanks. I will do a test with someone on Orange tomorrow.

apart from the fact that O2 say they don't support it, when I know for a fact that they do, I don't want the hell of calling support service X 5, or however many networks there are. Thanks, anyway.
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Response by poster: OK, I've taken Parmanparman's advice and called all the main operators. The virtual operators I haven't bothered with.

So far I've only had 1 operator reply positively - Vodafone UK say:
0800 Reverse
This service launches on 2nd June 2004.
0800 Reverse service allows customers to make reverse charge calls free to any other fixed line phone in the UK by dialling the numbers that spell 0800 Reverse (i.e. 0800 7383773) from their phone. The person who accepts and receives the call pays the charges on their BT bill.
The majority of reverse charge calls are currently made via payphones as all mobile phone operators' charge standard rates for this 0800 number.
Vodafone will not be charging any payt* or account customers to call this number.
The service is aimed at the payt* market for occasions where the customer has no credit. It satisfies the need to remain in touch with family / friends.
The reverse charge party (person the customer calls) will pay a one-off connection fee of £2.10 and then 30p/3mins thereafter. [*payt = pay as you talk]

So although it is expensive to the receiving party, it is free to the caller. Now - to test it.
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