How do I disable frames in a website I'm viewing?
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How can I view the contents of a website or link to individual pages without using frames? I HATE frames!!!

I'm restricted to Internet Explorer 6 right now since I can't use Firefox at work. (I did a search for this on Ask MeFi and Google and haven't found anything relevant in the first few pages of searching.)
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You can right click on the link and pick "open in new window" so that the target opens in a new browser. Then you can see the url and link to it. Some sites employ a script that snaps their urls back into frame even if you link directly to them or open them in a new window though.
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#spacewaitress: I can't use Firefox at work

Is Firefox not available at work or is it prohibited? If not the latter you can put Portable Firefox on a USB memory stick drive so you can on most machines.
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Try this bookmarklet:

m){m=p;w=i}};location.href=frames[w].location.href}};w8pzw93i()">Biggest Frame to Top, which will remove the smaller (presumably navigation-only) frames. Then you'll have the direct URL in the Address bar to copy. (just put the bookmarklet on your links bar, click whenever you find yourself on a framed page)

For more info, bookmarklet came from here.
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Hmmm. Didn't look like that on preview. Anyway, you can just go to the second link and get it from there..
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Seconding Portable Firefox. Excellent tool, you can install extensions, themes, everything.
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