Unbleached paper coffee cups
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Is there a place (online or real-world) to buy unbleached (brown) paper coffee cups, say 100-500 of them? No logos or design on them, just straight unbleached paper cups, 16-24oz.

This apparently is harder than it seems. All the caf├ęs I used to get these at moved to white cups or cups with red designs on them. The online shops I can find on Google have been out of stock for at least a year. One site says "As of 2/25/05, Chinet is discontinuing manufacture of unbleached paper coffee cups. These cups will be running out, and there is no other maker in the USA." Has anything changed in the meantime?
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Eden Alley sells unbleached cups.

As does ecoproducts (although they say they're out of stock - you might call them).

As does Green Home.

The magic google search term was "Unbleached Paper Hot Cups"
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Green home says they still have stock - so buy them out!
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(and yes, I'm dense for not reading your addendum)
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Response by poster: The Eden alley link to cups is broken...

Ecoproducts has been out of stock for at least one year (I checked last december)

Where do you see that Green home has stock? That link doesn't have a buy link, and there's no brown cups on their shop page anymore.

See what I'm talking about? :) Any other places?
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Check Recyclaholics. They may not havepaper, but some other eco-friendly brown material.
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I just called Green Home (877.282.6400) and they suggested a set of cups called "Bagasse Cups" which are $50 for 500. They are made from sugar cane stalks and Green Home told me that they were totally willing to research whether or not they were bleached (he suspected that they were not, but couldn't give me a definitive answer on the spot). Sounded like nice folks.
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Response by poster: wow, thanks plinth!!! That is a level of service I just can't get anywhere else :)

Bagasse is also what look busy's link had. I will try to get a sample to see if it fits my (narrow!) needs.

Thanks all, esp. plinth for the footwork.
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On a side note, Many military bases have plain brown cups like the ones your seeking... Not sure where they get them though.
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