Instructions on book page folding
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Where can I find instructions on how to make a sculpture by folding the pages of a book over...

A one point I had instructions on how to make sort of a sculpture out of a book by folding it's pages over.
When you were done the book stayed open and the folded pages stood up making a pattern. Does anyone know what I am talking about and where I could find instructions? I've been Googling all night and I've found some cool stuff but not what I'm looking for.
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Steven Caney's Toy Book describes something of the sort (you can see it if you search for paperback on search inside the book).
Is that the type of thing you were talking about?
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Is this what you mean?
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Did you see it in Budget Living? If so, then find a copy of their decorating book, Home Cheap Home. The instructions are in there.
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You may find something like what you're looking for in this RTF document containing Cub Scout theme ideas. Look on page 10 & 11 of the document.
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What I was thinking of was more complicated than the Stephen Caney book's example and less complicated than the one on marky's site (with video no less) but that's definitely the same idea. Thank you all so much.
Marky, What a great site, thank you for that as well.
sugarfish, I'll be looking for Home Cheap Home, sounds like my kind of book.
jazon, I didn't think of looking on a Scouting site, duh. Good idea.
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If your local library has old Pack-o-fun magazines on microfiche or bound on the shelves, from the 60's and 70's, they had tons of instructions for doing this with magazines and newspapers. Some of them are very complicated. Some not so much. I looked through the master index for 1967, and it must have been a good year for book folding. Most of the spring issues have at least one project like this.

I have some of them, but they are in a box at the moment. Give me a day or two and I can take some photos of the instructions for you if you'd like (sorry, no scanner, which would be better) and don't find what you are looking for online somewhere.
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magazines and newspapers

That should read magazines and books. And the 1967 issues of Pack-o-Fun that have the instructions are January, February, March, April, and June-July.
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