Who needs any more wishes?
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Comic Strip Filter: The strip featured someone being visited by a genie and offered three wishes. He wishes for a hamster wheel. In the last frame he is running in his wheel and the genie asks what he would like for his other two wishes and the guy says, "Who needs more wishes?" Did anyone see it? Can anyone point me where to find it? I would be most grateful.
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Best answer: You're obviously thinking of the most excellent XKCD hamster ball strip, which is not my favorite ball-related strip. This one is. :)
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Myself wins.

I love xkcd. My favourite is still Pi Equals.
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Response by poster: Maaaannnn, twenty minutes!! I'm sure it's not a record, but mighty impressive, nonetheless.

Thank you, thank you. I'll have to play this game again.
posted by roryks at 5:12 AM on November 30, 2006

Twenty minutes is nothing - I had a question answered in ONE.
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My girlfriend's favorite is this one. I won major brownie points when I sent her the link.

Yes, I have a girlfriend who has a favorite XKCD. Envy me.
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Consider yourself envied.
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