Help me find the perfect watch, please.
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Help me find a replacement watch that fits the criteria listed in the

I've had three Casio G-Shock watches in the past--all which have been great, except for the wristbands. They've all had the standard plastic band which tends to deteriorate over time and eventually break. The replacements bands are generally not-easy to find, and cost upwards of $20-$30 (one-half to one-third the cost of the original watch) when I do find an online retailer that supplies them. Plus, I don't have those tiny tools to replace them when I do find a replacement band.

I'd like to find a new watch that is similar in style, price, and function to the G-shocks, but perhaps has a better watchband. I like the look and feel of cloth, but are they as durable and/or cheaper than plastic to replace?

It'd be nice if my new watch had these features:

-World time*
-Under $100

I'm not committed to Casio.

*Perhaps not city-based, but timezone based. For instance, my old watch was city based and since Mumbai wasn't a city in it's database, I could not set my 2nd time to it.
**Enough to not have to take it off when I'm in the shower
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I used to love Casio watches, but after having three of them break at the wristband, and two of those also have their circuitry stop working, I decided that it was time to switch.

I recommend a stainless steel wristband. It's a lot more durable. I have a Timex Ironman Stainless Steel which is great. It is battery-powered, but the battery has lasted years so far. If, by atomic, you mean you want a watch that sets its time off of a radio signal, it doesn't do that.
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That's a pretty darn specific set of features. Why not just get the same watch you have had and loved, but with a metal band. Amazon has it here.
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I received a Casio Wave Ceptor last year and it languished on top of the dressser for a while. Lately I've found it's the watch I wear most often. It meets all your criteria except for solar power, and I haven't worn it long enough to test the band's lifespan.

If your old Casios take standard wristband pins, why not put a third-party wristband on? It won't look the same but won't necessarily look bad. (fwiw, the Wave Ceptor has some odd housing over the pin connection to make the whole thing look of a piece. I don't particularly like that.)
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I second the waveceptor. I have this one and it seems to meet all your criteria. I'm not sure about world time because I don't use that feature, but I'm fairly certain it can do multiple timezones, and it has a metal band.
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