Whats a brand of keyboard that allow multiple keys to be pressed?
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Whats a good keyboard that for gaming and frets on fire? I just found out my favorite microsoft natural doesnt support more than 2 keys being pressed (f1-f5) for FoF. I'm using a dell that allows 3. Is it a USB convertor? Are there better brands? I'm suspecting that some of the FPS games I thought where lag issues might have been just keyboard key press issues as I sometimes hold down shift. I never even thought of this as a problem for gaming.
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Response by poster: Sorry about that long paragraph, i'll make sure I split that next time.
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Try the Zboard: "Registers up to 7 simultaneous key-strokes, in comparison to 2-4 on most other keyboards!"

I like mine. Ergonomically (for me), it comes second only to an old Microsoft Natural keyboard.
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Many gamers call this "keylock". It comes from the keyboard itself (ie how the key switches are matriced, and thus how many simultanious presses can be distinguished).

I know someone whose ancient Omnikey keyboard was a prize possesion because it has no keylock at all. Some keyboard info along these lines and recomendations are here
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Response by poster: Article is from November 10, 1998, gotta be USB now.
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-harlequin-, thanks for that link. I have a beloved Omnikey 101 given to me by my father, and I have thought about buying an additional one on ebay, or even an Omnikey Ultra. In that article I find that there are new versions of these keyboards made by CVT. I just ordered the CVT Avant Stellar (which corresponds to the Omnikey Ultra). Now I know when this one dies I'll have a suitable successor. This really means a lot to me - I have an emotional attachment to this keyboard.

I recently bought a Logitech G15, and find I can't stand the thing. The keys just don't feel right, and I have heard that the paint on the keys wears off easily.

I just tested my Omnikey 101, and it seems to be able to register at least eleven simultaneous keypresses. I'm testing this in WoW and there is a visual indication that each keypress is being registered, so I think this is a reasonably good test. I can't hit more than 11 things at once, so the limit may be higher or there may be no limit at all.

God I love this thing. You've given me a reason to love it even more, and I thank you.

Okay on preview, I decided to test my Logitech G15, and it registers a mere 6 simultaneous keypresses. So take that for what you will.

The Avant Stellar I just bought was pricey, but for something like this, I think it's worth it. (And no, I am not a paid shill!).

I hope you find something suitable that you like.
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Just an FYI, wireless keyboards and mice are absolutely hideous in this regard. I have the top of the line Wacom Tablet, and l00+$ Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse. The Wacom tablet can't send left+right click at the same time (crucial in Alias Maya) and the keyboards send max 3 keypresses (again, seriously depressing in maya, where you might hit ctrl+alt+shift+something else for interface stuff). The logitech mouse is pathetic and I won't even bother writing about it.

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I just tested my keyboard ("Microsoft Internet Keyboard", PS/2), and I get some weird shit: the limit's different depending on which keys you press. I can't get all three of FGH down at once, but I can get QWRUIOP all down* at once.

*down = Windows has sent a WM_KEYDOWN message to the program, but not yet a WM_KEYUP.

So although F1-F5 don't all work at once, maybe some other combination of keys might?
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I'v been using an Apple pro wireless keyboard to play FoF with no problems.

i wouldnt persnally recomend it however due to the exorbitant cost and it's strangley squishy keypresses (some love it, i'm not so sure about it) battery life is great however.

what i really want is a playstation-usb converter so i can plug a propper Guitar Hero controler in and use that (for some reason it's much more fun that using the keyboard) that would seriously rock!
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Raptor Gaming make a keyboard called the K1. It's very expensive but loud but the key action is excellent, really strong, accurate and punchy. I'm using their new K2 at the moment, which is cheaper but doesn't hve the same thunderous feel - it's much more like an old Spectrum keyboard if you remember that? :)
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