Peace Corps?
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Peace Corps - leave in Jan or leave in spring/summer?

So, I've been accepted into the Peace Corps. That's pretty awesome, as it's something I've wanted to do for a long time (I've been overseas quite a bit). But.

Through my entire application process, I've been told "you'll be leaving this spring" - so I made plans around that. Specifically, a rent and plans to take the LSAT in Feb. The Peace Corps called me up today, saying that after looking at my app, they want me to leave in Jan. This would be to someplace - they won't say where - in Asia (yeah, big place), to start a new program teaching English.

It's a 27-month assignment, so I'd get back in April. This obviously isn't enough time to take the June LSAT and still get into a law school the next August.

So - should I go now, or should I politely decline? I'm pretty dang jazzed about setting up a new program, and am leaning strongly toward that, but I'm also remember that I got my arse kicked trying to learn Chinese (although I picked up rather fluent Hungarian in under 6 months). Should I go now and plan on working/applying to law schools for a year after I get back, or go in spring after I've taken the LSAT and gotten going on applying to law schools?
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After 27 months in the Peace Corps you may decide that law school is for the birds, but that's a different story.

You can take the test in Asia too. There are test centers in the Philippines, Taiwan, China, Japan, and Singapore.

That said, I would go and then see where you are in 27 months and relax, there will still be law schools when you get back.
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How good will 'worked setting up new program for Peace Corps' look on your resume vs. 'spent some time in Peace Corps doing what I was told' look on your resume when you're trying to set up internships and clerkships while in law school? That should play in your decision at least somewhat if you think you'll still go to law school when you get back.
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Go set up the new program. The leadership opportunities will serve you no matter where you end up, and you might just figure out what you really want to do doesn't require law school...
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There are several new programs in Asia, already opening up or opening up soon. There are going to be hella hassles and frustrations as your in-country staff tries to figure out how it's all going to work, but what an amazing chance (for example, where I am, Peace Corps has been active for 38 years . . . can you IMAGINE being in the first group of volunteers?). Take this opportunity!

Don't feel that you can only apply to law school from the States. You can take the LSATs all over the world and apply to law school from your post. PCVs do it all the time. You'll definitely have access to computers and internet in your capital, and probably your regional hubs as well, if not at your actual post. Apply in the last fall of your service, take the Dec or Feb test, then finish your service in April, with plenty of time to hang out with friends, get a summer job, and find an apartment in your city of choice.

If you DO decide that you can't leave in Jan, tell your PO that it's a timing thing and ask for another invitation. They'll probably be able to work with you.

Feel free to email me with questions (although I cant't help on region-specific stuff).
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