Broker/agent recommendations for Jersey City rentals, please!
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Looking for some specifics and some general advice: broker/realtor/agency recommendations for finding a rental in Jersey City, and/or links to general resources for someone new to real estate/apartment hunting.

This is a semi-followup to my earlier JC-related question, for what it's worth. In addition, from perusing other such threads, I've already bookmarked Del Forno Realty and Armagno Agency. However, if possible I'd like recommendations for other such groups, or specific individual agents who specialize in Jersey City.

As with the other thread, please do not mention New York City or Hoboken resources unless they also deal with Jersey City, and yes, I have heard of that quaint little "Craig's List" WWW thingy, thanks :) And we've heard the "no brokers, they suck" argument ad infinitum, and have taken that viewpoint into account.
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Best answer: Downtown Jersey City's not that big; between Del Forno, Armagno & a healthy perusal of Craig's List, you pretty much have your bases covered.

I used to rent through a realtor called American Homes on Newark Avenue--they had a lot of listings that I never saw anyplace else, possibly because they lean more towards the Spanish-language market. The apartment I had through them was a great deal and the staff's English is totally fine, so you might want to see if they have anything.

Armagno was my favorite, though, and they have the Hamilton Park area fairly locked up.
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