Mach Speed Trio Media Player firmware upgrade or reset? Device continuously reboots.
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I need help with a Mach Speed Trio MP4 1GB media player. Shortly after purchasing it has begun rebooting continuously.

I'm looking for any or all of the following as pertaining to the cheap-ass SigmaTel-chipped MP3/SMV media player known as the "Mach Speed" "Trio" 1GB MP4 Media Player (recently available from Fry's Electronics):

1) The main manufacturer's website, with support/driver links. It doesn't seem to exist. SigmaTel provides no end user support.

2) A firmware updater for this device and/or chipset. The Win98 and video conversion utility was included on my min CD, but not the firmware utility. (Which is indicated in the manual.)

3) Any and all related utilities or advice.

It worked as well as could be expected for a number of days, and has begun spontaneously and continuously rebooting. I've tried formatting the drive, deleting the firmware-created config files, hard resetting and more. I've even cracked the case and inspected the power and battery connections, as well as inspected for obvious shorts, debris or unseated plugs/sockets. Nada.

The device appears to work just fine and very reliably as a drive, but the OS/interface doesn't load when disconnected from USB. (OS will not load with USB/power connected - it's just not designed to do that even when operating normally.)

Disclaimer: I should have known better, but it was shiny and purchased in the form of an on-the-spot gift in shape of "you have X dollars to spend here at Fry's the day after Thanksgiving in less than an hour. Go!" and I panicked.

I like the gadget otherwise, but it seems doomed for a refund. This is the player on Fry's Outpost.

This is the Mach Speed official website, which I just found but contains such a distinct lack of useful support that it transcends the surreal and bizarre.
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That's why you buy cheap crap - so you're not out much if it turns out to be unusable. Take it back and hope you get one that works. They can't all be bad.

Put it this way - how many of those could you buy for the price of one ipod, which is also going to break?
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